Plate, Tube & Pipe Notchers For Building Structure

Notching is a metal-cutting process in metalworking so notchers are used on sheet metal of thin bar-stock. Also, some angle sections or tubes can use notchers. Sometimes the goal is merely the notch itself, but usually this is a precursor to some other process: such as bending a corner in a plate or joining two tubes at a tee joint, notching one to fit closely to the other.

Tube notching is commonly performed before joining light-gauge tubes to make a tee or similar joint, as by welding. Either one or both tubes may be notched before assembly. End notching works the end of the tube, such as a semicircular concavity to make the base of a tee, or a convex vee to fit into a miter. Side notching (also called offset notching) works the side of a tube with a vee notch for bending, semicircular, or vee notches for tee joint. Therefore, notchers are important for cutting machines, bending machines, rolling machines, and 3 in 1 metal combination machines.

Notches are low-cost machines. Particularly, some small factories require low costs with a small range of standard punches.