Vertical Manual Straight Brake W1.2×1500, W1.2×2000, W1.5×1500, W1.0×2000

HuaJu Industrial vertical manual straight brake is a folding machine that is a series of reinforced manual bending tools. These vertical manual straight brakes have excellent technical and operational characteristics. This series vertical manual straight brake is intended not only for work in the workshop for producing roof elements, ventilation components, and other metal products. The vertical manual straight brakes can be used directly at the worksite such as the construction site.


This series vertical manual straight brake without foot control clamp from HuaJu Industrial. These vertical manual straight brakes have a wider machine body that can bend an extended sheet plate. This powerful folding ability makes this type of vertical manual straight brake is perfect for steel forming factories. Furthermore, this series has four models that can bend from 1500mm to 2000mm, and thickness from 1.0mm to 1.5mm. Base on the working capability, this is a special tool for processing long size without complex folds.

We manufacture this vertical manual straight brake’s body by welded sheet plates. The structure is stable and durable. This machine handle is bow design. Even though the handle structure is simple, the design makes it easier for the operator to form plates.

We are a skilled producer and exporter. These vertical manual straight brakes are popular in Russia. Therefore, any wholesaler or distributor wants to sell these vertical manual straight brakes who can email us. You will get valuable content.

Standard Features:

  • Hand control. It’s easy for operation and adjusting the material
  • Bow handle for bending beam rotation
  • Adjustable bending angle stops with scale up to 140°
  • The lower beam of our precision folding machine can be dismantled for use
  • The folding beams are fitted with a counterbalance and angle stop to provide a perfect and effective operation within the full capacity of the machine
  • Popular in countries that are using the metric system
Model NumberMax. Bending Width
Max. Bending Thickness
Braking AnglePacking Size

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