• throatless shear MMS-4
  • mini throatless shear MMS-4
  • mini benchtop manual throatless shear MMS-4
  • throatless shear MMS-4
  • mini throatless shear MMS-4
  • mini benchtop manual throatless shear MMS-4

Mini Benchtop Throatless Shear MMS-4, Multifunction Rotary Cutting Tool

The throatless shear MMS-4 is a sort of universal mini manually operated shearing tool. This throatless shear MMS-4 is ideal for mounting on a workbench in the garage and small-scale fabrication workshop. Additionally, the cutting speed of this small device is faster several times than a traditional hand-held shear. Moreover, throatless shear MMS-4 is very accurate that does not leave any rough edges after metal cutting.


Even though this throatless shear MMS-4 doesn’t have a calibrated scale on its machine body that same as MMS-3, it is still a multifunctional and up-sell tool.

Firstly, the throatless shear MMS-4 has an extended hand lever. This extended hand lever makes shearing easier and faster. The extended hand lever connects a rack & pinion gearing. Moreover, one sharp and rugged blade is installed on the upper rack & pinion gearing. Another blade is installed on the cast iron machine body.

Secondly, the throatless shear MMS-4 has a cast iron construction that provides strong stability. Also, there has bench or stand mounting holes at the bottom of the tool body. Operators can install it on any workbench. Therefore, this throatless shear MMS-4 is portable and using it quickly. Our rugged, cast iron construction allows you to make straight, intricately curved, and irregular shears in metal with ease and accuracy.

Today, some famous industrial retailers are selling this mini throatless shear MMS-4 or similar items. The Kaka industry and Eastwood are the most representative. The throatless shear MMS-4 will create huge sales for wholesale & retailer.

Standard Features:

  • Throatless bench cutter shears quick, clean in straight, curved, or more intricate
  • Rack and pinion gearing, plus extended handle, improve your leverage
  • Throatless shear MMS-4 is crafted of rugged cast iron
Model NumberMax. Shearing Thickness


Max. Shearing Width


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