• throatless shear MMS-3
  • throatless shear MMS-3
  • mini benchtop throatless shear MMS-3
  • mini throatless shear MMS-3
  • throatless shear MMS-3
  • mini benchtop throatless shear MMS-3
  • mini throatless shear MMS-3
  • throatless shearing tool MMS-3

Mini Throatless Shear MMS-3, Metal Manual Multifunction Benchtop Rotary Cutters

A wide selection of sheet metal cutting tools and machines are used even if it’s a family workshop. Each kind of device has its own group of properties and benefits. The throatless shear MMS-3 is a type of commonly used mini shearing tool. This throatless shear MMS-3 has cast-iron frame construction, which makes it strong enough to withstand harsh operating conditions. Also, this HuaJu Industrial supplied rotary hand cutter includes a ratchet wheel. It ensures throatless shear MMS-3 that cuts accurately in different patterns.


HuaJu Industrial throatless shear MMS-3 is also a mini manually operated shear with a calibrated scale that installs on the tool body. This scale can adjust the angle and length. Meanwhile, this throatless shear MMS-3 has the same function and cutting precision with MMS-1, and MMS-2. Because of these reasons, this mini manual throatless shear MMS-3 is certainly the perfect complement to any sheet metal shop. To begin with, this throatless shear MMS-3 has two rotating blades that just cut at the idea when they are closest collectively. This enables people to convert and manipulate the materials in virtually any direction that operators want.

Furthermore, these rotary throatless shear MMS-3 really are assembled with a cast-iron bottom that guarantees shearing stability. After that, operators can control the hand lever to operate directly and raise the adjustability. In addition, the mini hand throatless shear MMS-3 can also cut cleanly and accurately through rotating shearing blades that do adjustment according to different material thicknesses.

In addition, this sort of small cutting tool has a long hand lever. This handle increases the cutting speed of this tool. Moreover, the bottom of throatless shear MMS-3 has four molded-in holes that can be mounted on a workbench in the garage and workbench. Therefore, this multi-purpose sheet metal mini rotary manual shear will be the best small tool for industrial product stores.

HuaJu Industrial manufactures throatless shear MMS-3 that is the same as some famous brands’ items. Eastwood and Kaka Industrial are selling this kind of product. Any buyer can email us to get product information. This cutting tool must create more profit for sheet metal fabrication shops.

Standard Features:

  • Cast-iron frame
  • Ratcheting head
  • Adjustable cutter
  • Adjustable calibrated scale with angle and length
Model NumberMax. Shearing Thickness


Max. Shearing WidthMax. Shearing RadiusPacking Size





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