• throatless shear MMS-2
  • mini throatless shear MMS-2
  • manual throatless shear MMS-2
  • throatless shear MMS-2
  • mini throatless shear MMS-2
  • manual throatless shear MMS-2

Mini Benchtop Throatless Shear MMS-2, Multi-Purpose Manual Rotary Cutting Tool

Mini benchtop throatless shear MMS-2 is a kind of all universal multi-purpose hand shearing tools. The mini throatless shear MMS-2 has a cast iron. In addition, this kind of throatless shear MMS-2 has two rotating blades and a reversible ratcheting long hand lever. The heavy cast iron body, two sharp rotating blades, and a comfortable handle can easily cut mild steel, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. At the same time, operators can cut the pattern accurately. Also, throatless shear MMS-2 is faster than traditional hand-held shears.


HuaJu Industrial throatless shear MMS-2 is a mini manually operated shear. This design creates multi-purpose in shearing sheet metal fabrication. For that reason, the throatless shear MMS-2 is definitely the perfect complement to any sheet metal factories. First of all, throatless shear MMS-2 has two rotating blades that just shear at the point when they are closest together. This enables the operator to carefully turn and manipulate the materials in any direction that operator wants.

Furthermore, the machine body is manufactured out of cast-iron and is created in a manner that allows the material to pass through the machine rather than get trapped. The heavy-duty cast-iron pedestal ensures added stability. These features really do make the manual throatless shear MMS-2.

Base on our design, HuaJu Industrial uses a longer handle on this mini throatless shear MMS-2. This is more in accord with manual mechanics. Absolutely, it’s make shearing easily than others’ hand hold shear. Meanwhile, the rotating shear blades adapt for different material thicknesses and work in conjunction with the fully adaptable material guides to make sure accurate, clean shears each time. Moreover, the benchtop throatless shear MMS-2 has two molded-in holes that mounted on ironworkers’ workbench.

We supply throatless shear MMS-2 that is similar to Cormak, Eastwood, Kaka Industrial that sell in various markets. Any buyer can contact us directly to get more product information. It’s because this is a great product for any industrial shop getting big sales.

Standard Features:

  • Throatless design
  • Reversible ratcheting handle
  • Cuts in aluminum, steel, and other mild metals
  • The rotary design allows for both straight and curved cuts
Model NumberMax. Shearing Thickness


Max. Shearing WidthMax. Shearing RadiusPacking Size(cm)N.W./G.W.(kgs)

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