• SS-16F metal shrinker stretcher
  • SS-16F metal shrinker stretcher
  • manual ss-16f metal shrinker stretcher
  • SS-16F metal shrinker stretcher
  • manual ss-16f metal shrinker stretcher
  • ss-16f metal stretcher shrinker

SS-16F Metal Shrinker Stretcher with Foot Operated Stand, 8″ Throat Depth, 16 Gauge Mild Steel Capacity

SS-16F metal shrinker stretcher is an 8-inch throat shrinker and stretcher with a foot-operated stand. HuaJu Industrial manufactures this 16 gauge SS-16F metal shrinker stretcher for stretching and compression of metal plates. Normally, this SS-16F metal shrinker stretcher with stand is utilized in a variety of industries, such as roofing works, vehicle repair shops, metal artwork, and outdoor ads.


This SS-16F metal shrinker stretcher is an updated model with a foot-operated stand for more efficiently and free operators’ hands than SS-16

This SS-16F metal shrinker stretcher’s upper body is cast-iron and includes 2 hardened jaws. One jaw is shrinker and another one is a stretcher that is interchangeable in seconds. Furthermore, the shrinking jaws are accustomed to making internal curves or even pulling down edges of panels. Also, the stretching jaws are utilized to produce external curves or even to raise the edges of panels.  

In addition, a foot pedal floor stand is included. It’s welded and bolted by tubes and machined parts. This foot pedal provides tremendous power by foot leverage system. Operators can carry the SS-16F metal shrinker stretcher to any job sites without the foot pedal stand. It because the machine upper head can work on any workbench with a hand lever.

SS-16F metal shrinker stretcher with foot pedal can be used in homes and retrofitting factories.

Standard Features:

  • The capacity of mild steel up to 16 gauge and aluminum up to 14 gauge
  • Throat depth: 8-3/16″
  • Hand-free during operation allows operators to better control the workpiece and speeds up the work
  • Powerful foot pedal make the shrinking and stretching more effective and less labor-intense
  • An excellent investment with a sturdy structure and longer working life
  • Change jaws in seconds
  • Large throat depth allows controlling of large materials
  • Two jaws and one hand lever are included as a standard
Model NumberCapacity of Mild Steel
Capacity of Aluminum
Throat Depth
Packing Size







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