Large Box Pan Brake Foot Clamp PBB2020/1.2(80″), PBB2520/1.0(99″)

HuaJu Industrial is a professional manufacturer for supplying Large box pan brake foot clamp.  This series of the Large box pan brake foot clamp has PBB2020/1.2(80-inch) and PBB2520/1.0(99-inch). These two models are upgrades and enhancements of box and pan brake with foot clamp 40″ 50″ 60″. A wider machine body and more fingers size are the most macroscopic updates.


This is the new design of the large box pan brake foot clamp from HuaJu Industrial. A wider machine body can bend a longer sheet metal plate. This powerful bending capability makes this large box pan brake foot clamp is ideal for sheet metal forming factories. Moreover, the large box pan brake foot clamp has more size fingers that are adjustable and removable. Base on the two major features, this large box pan brake foot clamp is not only can bend longer workpieces, but they can also form more complex pieces.

Additionally, our large box pan brake foot clamp’s body is made of stronger sheet plates. This structure is more stable and durable. Meanwhile, we have updated the handle style. There have three reinforcing ribs in the bow handle. Obviously, this design is bending a longer & thicker material with less force. Besides the two features, there have several features below. 

We are an experienced manufacturer and exporter. This large box pan brake foot clamp is popular in Russia. For example, Stalex sells a lot every year. Any Russian wholesaler or distributor wants to sell the same large box pan brake foot clamp for earning more profit. Please leave your information on our web or contact us directly by email. We will provide useful content for you.

Standard Features:

  • With a foot-controlled clamp. It is easy for operation and relaxes hands for adjusting the material
  • Bow handle for bending beam rotation
  • Adjustable bending angle stops with scale up to 135°
  • Our precision large box pan brake foot clamp can choose a combination of upper blades according to the abnormity degree and length of the workpiece
  • A completely developed quick release system for the clamp beam segment ensures fast interchangeability
  • The folding beams are fitted with a counterbalance and angle stop to give a perfect and effective procedure within the full capacity of the device
  • The optional back-gauge can be easily installed when using the pre-drilled fixing points
Model NumberMax. Bending Width
Max. Bending Thickness
Max. Clamp Bar Lift
Braking AnglePacking Size

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