• DS-12A wood disc sander 12 inch wood disc sander
  • DS-12A wood disc sander, 12 inch wood disc sande
  • DS-12A wood disc sander 12 inch wood disc sander
  • DS-12A wood disc sander, 12 inch wood disc sande

DS-12A Double Disc Sander, 12-Inch Portable Wood Sanding Machine with 2 Tilting Tables

DS-12A double DISC sander is a good value 12-inch wood sanding machine. For any carpenter and woodwork, the DS-12A double DISC sander will be an indispensable tool and a great asset. Normally, efficiency creates value in industrial production. The two sanding discs enable workers to utilize different grit sizes for both coarse and fine sanding. Therefore, HuaJu Industrial recommends this DS-12A double DISC sander to all woodworking hobbyists.


The DS-12A double DISC sander has a larger base than DS-12 & DS-12B. The base also has four fixing holes for bolting on a table or a stand before works.

Furthermore, this DS-12A double DISC sander comes with 2 tilting tables. Each side has one tilting table. It is hinged with front and rear trunnion and is adjustable from -15° to 45°. A T-slot is made for a miter fence, so a sliding miter fence enables angled pieces to be completed. Meanwhile, it is adjustable 60° left and right. A compound angle can be established via using the miter gauge in conjunction with the tilting table. The structure is almost similar to the DS-12B wood disc sander

A strong 750W(1hp) motor actuates the two discs, so it is specially made to perform at slow revolutions per minute(RPM) to prevent burning during working. Additionally, this DS-12A double DISC sander(12″) has two dust ports to connect a dust collector system. Notably, any operator cannot use the machine before connecting a dust collector. On the other hand, keeping the machine run a few minutes after the job has been completed. 

At last, there has some danger in using this electrical sanding tool. People should use it correctly in order to produce safely and quickly.

Standard Features:

  • Strong construction for mounting on bench or stand
  • Two adjustable tilting table and sliding miter fence for compound angles
  • 750W(1hp) electric motor
  • Designed for use with wood and plywood
  • Portable & easy operation
  • 2 self-adhesive sanding disc
  • 2 miter guide
  • 1/4 disc guard for two side sanders
Model NumberMotor
Disc Speed
Disc Diameter
Table Size
Packing Size
20″ Container







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