• 12 Inch DS-12 wood disc sander
  • 12-inch DS-12 wood disc sander
  • 12 In DS-12 wood disc sander
  • 12 Inch DS-12 wood disc sander
  • 12-inch DS-12 wood disc sander
  • 12 In DS-12 wood disc sander

DS-12 Wood Disc Sander, 12 Inch Portable Benchtop Sander with Cast Iron Table

HuaJu Industrial DS-12 wood disc sander is a 12 Inch portable benchtop sanding tool, but the frame is heavy-duty cast iron. This well-designed DS-12 wood disc sander will be a welcome electrical tool for woodworkers at home or in workshops. Due to its portable and electric powered, it can be utilized at a variety of job sites that cannot include outside. Meanwhile, this DS-12 wood disc sander has 2 upgraded models that are DS-12A & DS-12B.


The 12 Inch DS-12 wood disc sander has a heavy-duty cast iron frame and base, also there have four Non-slip rubber feet that are mounted under the base for reducing vibration, then to increase stability. 

A fine ground cast iron tilting table and a balanced steel sanding disc come with the machine. Moreover, the working table tilt from 0-45 degrees, and a sliding miter fence is adjustable to 45 degrees up & down. Any grit sandpaper can be pasted on the steel disc. Therefore, compound angles can be created via these features. Safety production is the most important. For example, changing the angles of the tilting table after turning the machine off.

The DS-12 wood disc sander has a strong 550W motor that drives the disc which produces a slow and stable RPM to avoid burning during sanding. A dust port is designed for this sanding tool. Don’t use the DS-12 wood disc sander without connected to a dust collector and keep running a couple of minutes after jobs are done.

Standard Features:

  • Heavy-duty cast iron structure
  • Compound angles are produced by an adjustable tilting table and a sliding miter fence
  • 550W motor
  • Ideal for use with wood and plywood
  • Portable and easy operation
  • 1 self-adhesive sanding disc
  • 1 miter guide
  • 1/4 disc guard
Model NumberMotor
Disc Speed
Disc Diameter
Table Size
Packing Size
20″ Container





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