• 16in band saw, HBS400(MJ344C)
  • 16 inch band saws HBS400N(MJ344N)
  • 16 in. band saws HBS400N(MJ344N)
  • 16-inch band saws HBS400N(MJ344N)
  • 16in band saw, HBS400(MJ344C)
  • 16 inch band saws HBS400N(MJ344N)
  • 16 in. band saws HBS400N(MJ344N)
  • 16-inch band saws HBS400N(MJ344N)

16 Inch Band Saws, HBS400 & HBS400N Woodworking Bandsaws

HuaJu Industrial HBS400 & HBS400N bandsaws are 16 Inch band saws designed for slitting and crosscutting of wood to medium to large demanding works in professional carpentry workshops. We have been manufacturing and exporting these 16 Inch band saws for many years. These 16 Inch band saws are vertical cutting machines without steel floor stand. The powerful cutting ability and thin machine body are admired, while they are well suitable for compact spaces such as garages and small woodworking workshops.  


These 16 Inch band saws are called MJ344C and MJ344N in our factory. The two models 16 Inch band saws are constructed from a mechanically welded frame that is rigid and robust. Also, these 16 Inch band saws don’t have steel floor stand that unlike the 10″, 12″ and 14″ bandsaws. They are vertical, so the base has drilled holes for fixing the machine to the ground.    

Moreover, two precision-balanced flywheels are cast-iron and CNC machined. Qualified rubber tires must be installed on the flywheels for long time use. A 1500W quiet induction electric motor provides stable power, then drives the flywheels through the poly V belt. These features ensure durability and stability for cutting large timber. It is noteworthy that HBS400N has a 1500W motor with the brake function.

Additionally, low-friction ball-bearing blade guides assist in preventing twisting and deflection that positioned above and below the table. An upper blade guard/guide assembly with a rack-and-pinion allows smooth & clean height adjustments. Furthermore, the 16 Inch band saws have a large table that can be angled up to 45 degrees. 

A guide fence can be mounted on the table, while it can be positioned on either side of the blade. The guide fence is easy to install when users just press the lever one time.

Standard Features:

  • Buckling resistant, solid sheet metal construction
  • Cast iron tilting working table up to 45°
  • Serially with precision roller guide over and under the table
  • Flywheels with special rubber coating for a long life span
  • Solid machine base
  • Poly-V-belt drive for an ideal power transmission
  • HBS400 is standard
    a)     New slope shape
    b)     Quick clamping lever and blade tension adjustment on the back of the machine
    c)     Precise and simple adjustment of the cutting height and the upper blade guide using large-size handwheels and a rack system
    d)     Both upper and lower blade guides are molded on bearings for improved performance and extended blade life
    e)     Two windows to show the belt tension and blade running position
    f)     Smooth and flexible to tilt the working table
Model NumberHBS400
Motor(W)15001500 motor with brake function
Wheel Diameter(mm)400400
Saw Blade Size(mm)2950*6-20*0.523050*6-20*0.52
Saw Blade Speed(m/s)1010
Max. Cutting Depth(mm)200250
Max. Cutting Width(mm)375375
Table Size(mm)500*400
Table Tilt0-45°0-45°
Packing Size(cm)176*60*48182*50*75
Units/20″ Container4833

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